Friday, March 25, 2011

Anyone watching Lost again?

If anyone is watching (or reading this for that matter) Lost again, feel free to post thoughts here. Please. Pleeeeeeease.... just kidding. Kind of. Always happy to discuss the greatest thing of all time though.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Final Encyclopedia post

Finished the book, here were a few final notes...

Tunisia: confirms Dharma used a polar bear to turn the dinkey wheel and it was warped to Tunisia.

Walt Lloyd: One of the rare humans "attuned" to the island. (of course, but didn't have much for this last post...)

Yemi: Eko's final vision of Yemi was actually the Smoke Monster (another obvious one, but a confirmation, and like I said, not alot left to report).

Ok, so that's the book... nothing else left.

I probably won't write anything else here until I start the first, of what I hope to be many, re-watches. I'll go over questions that I still have after viewing the entire series. There really aren't THAT many.

See ya.

More stuff

The Staff: The last birth on the island was Ethan Rom in 1977

Stuart Radzinsky: the book makes it sound like he assigned himself and Inman to the Swan, but this timing doesn’t make any sense, since we Inman in Iraq with Sayid… hmmm… anyway… also makes reference to the blast door map being Stu’s “war map” against the Others.

Sun-Hwa Kwon: Candidate #42, never says if it’s Jin or Sun, officially.
The Swan: similar notes about Stu’s blast door map and the hieroglyphs were intended to mean “to die” but there is no official translation.

Taweret: Was built by ancient Egyptians, and was destroyed in 1867.

The Temple: Some translations from the hieroglyphs: the north door, “hail, thou beautiful power, thou beautiful rudder of the northern heaven. The east door, “hail, splendor, dweller, in the temple of the ashemu gods, beautiful rudder of the eastern heaven. The west door, “hail, thou who cirlest, guide of the two lands, beautiful rudder of the western heaven”.

Tom Friendly: Candidate # 109. Tom shot and killed Felix, the man who had proof of the successful operation of faking flight 815’s discovery, (the guy Naomi had Miles “read”).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Book stuff

Shannon Rutherford:

- Candidate #31.

- Also said it was never confirmed whether her visions of Walt were really warnings from Walt or some Smoke Monster trick. (items like this bug me, cuz they make the rest of the book seem flawed... Walt wasn't dead, so how coudl Smokey show up as him?)

The Sickness:

- One of the sicknesses was caused by the Smoke Monster. He needed a wound or entry point to enter the body and darken their spirit.

- Smoke Monster actually killed Montand and then posed as him to lure the other French team members down into the hole.

- Dogen never had complete knowledge of the Sickness (like us!!!)

- Before the Incident in 1977 pregnant women could safely give birth.

- Kelvin Inman was aware of the Purge.

The Smoke Monster:

- The Man in Black's "spirit became fused with the all-powerful force that lay hidden inside the heart's island".

38 pages left...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quick one...

In Sawyer's section it mentions that he and Kate had a tight bond that grew into a great friendship even after they made it off the island. So that's nice.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

More book stuff...

Almost done...

Magnus Hanso: Jacob was the person who commissioned the expedition. Hanso told his first mate as much. So he brought that boat to the island.

Man in Black: He could appear at two places at once (Isabella/Richard scene).

Medusa Spider: The Man in Black appeared as the Medusa spider and but Nikki in that form.

Mother: She killed the Man in Black’s campmates at night. It does not make any mention of her being a “smoke monster”.

Nadine: The team crashed in 1988.

Nikki and Paulo: Confirmed above. A REAL medusa spider bit Paulo, but it was the Smoke Monster that got Nikki.

Oceanic Flight 815:
- Survivors: Janelle Granger kept a diary (this was online I believe, I didn’t know this was her name though)
- Emma: Along with Rose, Bernard, Zach and Cindy, she joined Hurley.

The Others: Richard was impervious to the smoke monster’s attacks.

The Pearl: SR (written on the journal notepads) was Subject Radzinksy, and SI was Subject Inman. The mark in the ground above the hatch was a circle and not a question mark. The ? on the blast door map just meant Radzinsky didn’t know who was in there.

Penelopes Widmore Hume: Desmond made it off the island back to her and Charlie.

Pierre Chang: killed during the Purge.

The Purge: Radzinksy survived the Purge because he was stationed in the Swan hatch, he somehow figured out what happened with the gas, and subsequently labeled the Arrow and The Swan as Quarantined.

Ryan Price: Candidate #14

Saturday, January 22, 2011

More book stuff...

I think I totally missed the point of the finale... "Let go, move on"... cuz I've done neither of those. TV sucks now. You realize Lost would have started season 7 by now right? Ya know if there was a season 7...

Anyway, here's some more stuff I found interesting from the book:

Kate Austen:
- Candidate #51
- Says 1977 as her birthdate, but a picture of her passport says 1979.

The Lamp Post:
- The first station built by the DI.
- Only off island station.
- Built it around an electromagnetic pocket in LA.
- After Hawking left the island to give birth to Daniel, she took over the Lamp Post (doesn’t say how), and she kept it from Widmore because they weren’t on good terms anymore.

- Just some numbers I thought were interesting:
- 14 Pryce
- 20 Rousseau
- 101 Faraday
- 102 Montand
- 104 Lewis
- There were just a few from a couple of screenshots.

John Locke:
- Locke and Walt were both special and “attuned” to the island
- Locke DID see the smoke monster early in season 1 (don’t remember the exact episode, but it’s when they went on the boar hunt and Michael got hurt, right?). He thought the smoke monster’s flashes to pull his memories were beautiful.

- Jacob was the one who left a piece of his tapestry in the cabin so Ilana and crew could find him.
- Some quotes translated from the tapestrys: “May the gods grant thee all that thy heart desires” and “…and may the gods grant thee happiness” both from the Odyssey by Homer. “Only the dead have seen the end of war”, by Unkown. Also, on the red tapestry, three from the Iliad by Homer: “Now by evil war thy heart’s desire”, “And the earth flowed with blood”, and “And trhe black cloud of death enfolded him”.